We hear it time and time again when we talk to brothers  about Sigma Chi, without the Gamma Chi chapter many of you would not be where you are today if you had not been a part of this brotherhood. Read on to hear what three of your brothers  had to say on the impact Sigma Chi had in their lives. 


“In 1930, when I was five years old, the economy was in a great depression. My father lost his job and our home. In the following years, we moved frequently searching for work and finding employment only for short periods. In my first eight years of school I attended eight different schools. During my high school years, we lived in a place where I had very limited social contact with my classmates. Before I entered Maryland in the summer of 1943, I had never had more than short term acquaintances with others my age. But then I joined Sigma Chi and suddenly I had a house full of friends. It changed my life for the better and I have benefitted from Sigma Chi friendships all my long life." Seth H. Preece ‘49

“I have many lifelong friends from Sigma Chi – many of whom I see at our annual golf tournament. The Sigma Chi Ideals have helped to guide my life. I also learned how to live with and relate to my brothers from different backgrounds.” William Randall ‘68

“I was fortunate to enter the wireless business in its infancy, and had more responsibility than a person my age normally should have. My Sigma Chi experience was invaluable, helping my career when other people my age didn’t usually have that amount of leadership or managerial experience. That had a tremendous positive impact on my career.” - Dennis O'Connell ‘82



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